The James Ford Special Lecture by Catherine Hall


cd event james ford lecture the court house antigua
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This lecture will focus on the system of racial capitalism that operated across the C18 Atlantic. Utilising the  life and writings of Edward Long, C18 historian of Jamaica, it will explore the ways in which white colonists attempted to make race – to establish fixed divisions between black and white people on the basis of nature. Since such divisions were not natural it required constant vigilance at every level – economic, political and cultural – to maintain these binaries which were always in danger of slippage. Slavery, as Equiano said, was a state of war. 


The lecture will be held at St. John’s College Auditorium. Drinks will be served after the lecture. It is free to attend the lecture, but it is required to register in advance.


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Please register as soon as possible as limited places are available. 

The James Ford Special Lecture by Catherine Hall will also be livestreamed on the day and available as a recording through TORCH Oxford on