The Oxford and Empire Network encourages discussion of the history and legacies of colonialism in Oxford.  It serves as a multi-disciplinary hub, with a multi-resource website, providing a central site for developing, promoting, and sharing research into the relationship between Oxford and imperialism, broadly conceived. 

On this site you can explore this community of scholars, the resources and research they've gathered, and a list of events and seminars connected to the Network. We welcome new members, proposals for activities and events, and suggestions for resources. Please feel free to contact us at empire.project@history.ox.ac.uk



Oxford and Empire was first launched in 2018 to encourage undergraduate History students to research the legacies of empire in Oxford’s built environment.  Since then it has expanded to include the full range of students and researchers at the University of Oxford, as well as local historians based in Oxford.  Projects now include public guided tours, podcasts, online exhibitions of archival material, and research blogs.  Project members are from a variety of disciplines and institutions, including: Archaeology, English, Geography, History, the Oriental Institute, Plant Sciences, the Pitt Rivers Museum, the Ashmolean, the History of Science Museum, and beyond. 

We are grateful for funding from: the University of Oxford's History Faculty and particularly its Sanderson Fund; support from Oxford’s Centre for Global History; the University of Oxford’s Humanities Division; the University of Oxford's TORCH Public Engagement with Research Fund; the University of Oxford’s TORCH Networks Programme; the University of Oxford’s Beit Fund; and the University of Oxford’s Diversity Fund.