New Intellectual Histories of the Global South


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New Intellectual Histories of the Global South


Tuesday 22 February 2022, 10am - 1pm


Colin Matthew Room, Faculty of History, University of Oxford



Miles Larmer ( & Faridah Zaman (


All welcome!


Global Intellectual History has become an established field in recent years, with new journals, books and edited volumes reflecting its vibrancy. The workshop represents an important step in the building of an as yet informal network that seeks to generate new intellectual histories of and connections between South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. While South Asian intellectual historical study is comparatively well developed, it arguably suffers from continual implicit or explicit comparison with the West/Europe.


This workshop, supported and generously funded by the Faculty of History, the Oxford Centre for Global History and the Oxford Centre for Intellectual History, brings together intellectual historians of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to compare and consider innovative approaches that present new ways of understanding the concept of ‘intellectual history’, integrate intellectual history into the political and social history of these regions, and challenge the marginalisation of Asian and African ideas and experiences from the mainstream of (Western/Eurocentric) intellectual history.




  • Milinda Banerjee (St Andrews): ‘Decolonize Intellectual History! An Agenda for the Capitalocene’


  • Zobia Haq (Oxford): 'Veils of Language: Conceptualisations of the Birth of Bangladesh’


  • Emma Hunter (Edinburgh): 'East Africa and Global Intellectual History: Reflections on Method'


  • Miles Larmer (Oxford): ‘Popular Culture and Everyday Intellectuals on the Central African Copperbelt’


  • Adrita Mitra (Oxford): ‘The Kodak in the Congo and the Birth of Human Rights’


  • Faridah Zaman (Oxford): ‘Indian Pan-Islamism as Political Thought’