EXHIBITION - St. John’s in the Empire/The Empire in St. John’s

St John’s and the Colonial Past is a research project that explores historical connections between the College and colonialism. It investigates objects, records, images, buildings and monuments that evoke the colonial past, discovers benefactions, wealth and capital drawn from colonialism and slavery, and researches alumni who served in the empire, and who came from the empire to study at St John’s College.  

This exhibition seeks to recover, connect and reflect new light on just some of the many people, things, pictures and stories that bring home to us St John’s College’s role in the history of the British Empire, and the Empire’s part in the history of St John’s College.   

This small exhibition can be visited in person until the end of November, but an appointment must be made in advance; due to covid-19 related restrictions, visits are limited to four persons at any one time. Please contact Dr Mishka Sinha at mishka.sinha@sjc.ox.ac.uk 


For more information and to view the exhibition online here visit: https://www.sjc.ox.ac.uk/discover/about-college/st-johns-and-colonial-past/online-exhibitions/st-johns-in-the-empire-an-exhibition-of-objects-and-photographs-from-st-johns-and-the-colonial-past/