Objects of Empire

Explore buildings, sites, objects, and memorials in Oxford

The Indian Institute (Broad Street)

Explore the Indian Institute building through the University of Oxford's digital photogrammetry 'Cabinet' platform. 
https://www.cabinet.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/embed?sourceMediaID=8385&annotations=false" width="560


The Rhodes Building (Oriel College, High Street)

Explore the Rhodes Building (Oriel College) through the University of Oxford's digital photogrammetry 'Cabinet' platform.

https://www.cabinet.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/embed?sourceMediaID=8383&annotations=false" width="560

Beyond 3D: study more high resolution sites and objects on our Cabinet page

Oxford and Empire 'Blue Plaques'

Modelled on English Heritage's Blue Plaque scheme, these plaques commemorate individuals -- nominated by students and staff at the University of Oxford -- who are not always well known, and whose lives and accomplishments help to demonstrate the range of scholars who have been part of Oxford.  

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