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The Presenter


Mark Davies

Oxford Local Historian


Mark Davies is an Oxford local historian, author, public speaker, guide, and publisher specialising in the history of non-University Oxford, with a particular focus on the city’s waterways. In this podcast Mark takes a look at the history of Medley Manor and its connections to empire as well as his own family history. 

Visit Mark Davies website: http://oxfordwaterwalks.co.uk/ 



*Please note Medley Manor is now a working farm so there is no public access. 

Medley Manor Timeline 

1720 – purchase by Benjamanin Swete

1744 – ownership passed to Swete family of Cork on Benjamin’s death, then to related Lucas family

1764 – purchase by Matthew Leslie senior from Jasper Lucas

1773 – demolition of Medley House

1779 – inherited by Matthew Leslie junior on death of his uncle

1792 – sold by Matthew Leslie

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